Writing Wrongs – Don’t push me over that cliff

I had just started reading Writing Wrongs (Christine Gael) when my brain fried a little and started to get everything mixed up in the various PWF books I had read so far (all six of them). So I stopped reading the book for 24 hours in order to get my head back together, opting for a reread of Jude Deveraux’s Sweet Liar for an evening and playing some iPad games to clear my mind.

I made the correct decision because once I resumed Gael’s book, there was about no putting it down, except to yell at Cricket, laugh at some of Mee-maw’s actions, gasp, and get behind budding romances.

Then I got shoved over a cliff.

A mysterious typewriter

Writing Wrongs is the story of Cricket Hawthorne, a 48-year-old mother of two, recently divorced by her own choice, just as recently moved back into her hometown of Rocky Knoll and living in the basement of her Mee-maw’s house, and working at her cousin Zoe’s bakery.

During a day of selling at the flea market, she buys an ancient typewriter and brings it home with her, sure that she would start a new career as a writer.

Compelled to write, she realises that her stories become reality.

Talk about a perfect setting for a story! Add two absolutely gorgeous men vying for her attentions to the mix, and a mysterious antique shop owner, and you’re in for quite a mystery. Plus, I simply loved Mee-maw and Zoe, and started to loathe Greg.

Only… please don’t push me over that cliff Christine Gael left me hanging over, at least not until the 20th of April, when the second book of the series come out. I came out of the major plot twists alive (the contrary would have been surprising), but that cliffhanger!

To shock me that much is something that does not happen often when I read, and Gael did it with maestria. A terrific read!

Favourite quotes

This time, I made montages as I was reading (in the first case), or the morning after (in the second case). The latter I shared in a group, making Christine Gael exclaim: “It’s Mee-maw!” So my hunch with that photo to use for the montage was correct, if the character’s mum saw in her the same thing I did.

My Goodreads Review

Writing Wrongs: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel by Christine Gael

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s been a while since I was that thrown by what happens in a book!

I seriously did not expect what happened. Not even a little. Not even at all.

Masterful stroke by Christine Gael, with a cliffhanger that makes me impatiently await the next book of the series! Looking forward to see what happens to Cricket, Zoe, and Mee-maw!!

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