Kindle Unlimited: a blessing and a curse

As an avid reader, I’m glad that such a thing as an eReader exists. For one thing, I ran out of place in my bookcases (yes, plural!) a long time ago. For two, it’s good on the budget, as eBooks are usually cheaper than actual paper books. For three, let’s face it, they are good for the environment, as they don’t take paper. For four, I can carry my Kindle just about everywhere and it’s not heavy, despite the amount of books it contains. Finally, try reading a hard cover in bed (I stopped the last time I gave myself a concussion dropping one on my head).

Of course, I do enjoy a good paper book now and then, but I now reserve that for some specific series (Outlander being one of them) or types of books (I have a full shelf of cook books, for instance).

However, I prefer my eReader, for the reasons mentioned above, but also because I have an older model of Kindle Paperwhite, which doesn’t have any type of back light, thus making it somehow like an actual paper book, but with the possibility of quickly searching for a word I’m not sure of, or changing the font or the size of the characters. And without the migraine I would automatically have reading as much as I do on my iPad or my phone.

In other words: absolutely awesome. BUT, it has a big downside: the one-click purchase. In the last six years (since I bought the Kindle), I have done that quite a lot, so I have to budget my purchases carefully.

Which leads me to Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited: a blessing…

What is Kindle Unlimited, or KU for short? It you know about it, or are a member, you can skip this paragraph. For those who don’t know: KU is like Netflix, but for bookworms. It is, in other words, a (monthly) paid subscription, in which you can borrow up to ten books at a time. However, just like for Netflix with the movies and TV shows, you do not have access to every book that has been ePrinted! There is a selection. Another good thing: unless you’re like me and live in the Quebec province, the first month is free, so you can try and see if you like it.

But if they don’t have everything from every author, why is KU such a blessing, you may wonder.

Simple: because it can help you discover new authors, or read some of their backlist books.

Are the writers still paid if you borrow their books on KU? Yes, so long as you read the book, in whole or in part. How so? They are paid per page read, which means that if you read a whole book, you have to read it until the very last page. For instance, if you try a book, and read the first 10 pages, but don’t like it and return it, the author will get paid for those 10 pages and only for those 10 pages. Which is part of the deal they sign with Amazon.

Then you fall in love with an author’s style and buy all their books that are not on KU.


… and a (good-ish) curse

However, like everything, KU is also a curse, insofar as my TBR pile, already huge, is even bigger with all the backlist books from some favoured authors that I cannot afford to buy at present but are currently on KU for a limited time (it varies, but it is usually for three months – or 90 days), which means I have to read them ASAP.

It is not a bad curse, for this bookworm. It is only that I have to prioritise.

For my part, I will go like this:

  1. New release from a favourite author
  2. KU backlist material from a favourite author that I cannot afford to buy at present
  3. New authors or books on KU
  4. Freebies from BookBub

That is the way I prioritise. Because I might be a quick reader, I also have a job, so I need to set reading priorities.

Great books currently on Kindle Unlimited

This leads me to my current dilemma. To this date (3 March), I still have six PWF books to read. Well, 5.75, since I started one today. Then, the next Jude Deveraux Medlar mystery comes out in a week. It’s Jude, so whether I finished the 13 or not, she’ll go first.

But there are also several series, currently on KU, that I would like to finish, like Mandy M. Roth’s The Guardians, of which I’m at the last book, or Robyn Peterman’s Shift Happens books, of which I am in the middle of the second. Her Hot Damned series is also on KU, and it is, for me, another must read.

And there is Deanna Chase, who exceptionally put the whole of the Jade Calhoun series on KU until May. This seriously thrills me, because I read the first book, fell in love, but really was unable to afford the rest of the series. Consequently, I have three months to finish them!

For those interested, here is a list of all the series by Mandy M. Roth, and by Michelle M. Pillow, currently on KU. Yes, two of my favourite authors. Please do check the series’ book summaries before borrowing, because they cover quite a few genres and types of content. This is valid for all books, really.

So you now see my KU curse. Not a real curse, just a lot of books to read. There are worse curses!

2 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited: a blessing and a curse

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  1. Hi Caroline, just a question: Do I need to buy a Kindle device to access this KU? I already have a Samsung A tab 8″ and it’s still too good to let go. I just don’t want to add more clutters on my place.

    I am not worrying about distractions on my Samsung tab because I’ve already set up so no distractions at all – only for reading.

    Please let me know what you think.


    Kevin – blogger at

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kevin! My apologies for the long delay in my reply. Don’t know why, you ended up in the spam folder.

      For Kindle Unlimited, all you need is the Kindle app, which you can have on your tablet, your phone, and even your computer. No need for an actual Kindle. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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