Jade Calhoun series – What? It was only a one-day break?

After finishing the hilariously crazy Magical Midlife Madness, by K.F. Breene, I did what I had been doing for a week after reading a PWF novel: I took a 24-hour break from the PWF books so I could clear my mind.

Hence, I picked up the second Jade Calhoun book.

I said a one-day break, right?

Yeah, right.

Let’s be honest, then: Deanna Chase’s series is so good that it ended up just like Lay’s crisps: I couldn’t limit myself to one.

What are those books about?

Basically, as the name of the series states, the Jade Calhoun series follows the adventures of Jade Calhoun, a 27-year-old Idaho native who had recently moved to New Orleans, thus getting closer to her best friend, Kat.

There, she meets with a funky ex-stripper cum barmaid cum coffee shop owner cum bar manager, Pyper Rayne (who has her own spin-off series by the same author), and with the owner of the strip club himself, Kane Rouquette, whom she instantly, irrevocably, gets attracted to (I can’t blame her; the man is pure sex-on-a-stick).

The series thus follows the story of the empath and white witch, one unfortunate event after another, for our enjoyment. Superbly written by Deanna Chase, the characters are so lively that I simply cannot put a book down once I start it. (And I still don’t know if I like Lailah or want to deck her, even after two books and a quarter!)

And after one? Yes, comes another.

The fun part? The whole series is currently on Kindle Unlimited.

Simultaneous readings?

If you want, you can also purchase the Pyper Rayne series and read them alongside the Jade books.

Should you choose to read both series simultaneously (which is what I will end up doing, knowing myself), here is the order, as per the author herself:

  • Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Witches of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Demons of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Engaged Off Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Angels of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Shadows of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Incubus of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Spirits of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Spirits, Stilettos, and a Silver Bustier (Pyper)
  • A Miracle on Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Bewitched on Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • A Bourbon Street Valentine (Kat) [NDLR: Novella, part of the Jade series]
  • Spirits, Rock Stars, and a Midnight Chocolate Bar (Pyper)
  • Spirits, Beignets, and a Bayou Biker Gang (Pyper)
  • Hexed on Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Spirits, Diamonds, and a Drive-thru Daiquiri Stand (Pyper)
  • Dragons of Bourbon Street (Jade)
  • Spirits, Spells, and Wedding Bells (Pyper)
  • Spirits, Hurricanes, and the Krewe of Ghoul (Pyper)

Hours of fun ahead!

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