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As we know, we are currently dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Of course, like each and every country of the world, Canada isn’t immune to it, and all the provinces are touched. Our Prime Minister announced, today, that all schools (and cegeps, universities, and day cares) were closed for the next two weeks. As a sub teacher, this will hurt my wallet, yes, but it is also a relief, since I know how irresponsible some parents can be.

Consequently, I am now on a two-week lay-off from work, with a lot of time on my hands. There is no tennis for this tennis nut, as all tournaments have been cancelled for the next six weeks on the men’s side, and the women’s tour goes one tournament at the time.

Truth: I don’t really care.


Because these two weeks of imposed “vacations” mean one thing: I will have a lot of time to read!

If I may suggest: we should all do the same. It’s time to get that TBR pile down, people! Or start a new series. Or discover a new author. Sure, librairies are closed in many parts (it is the case of my town). However, bookstores are still opened, for now, as are many retailers who do sell books. And there is the possibility to read books with your Kindle, your Kobo, your Nook, your tablet, your computer, and even your phone.

There is no excuse.

Time to get a good escape in worlds where the COVID-19 doesn’t exist.

For my part, I will definitely take this opportunity to make a dent in my TBR ePile! So stay tuned for many book posts over the next two weeks.

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