Reader’s Life – Getting the reading mojo back

Over the last four days, I have been slumping. The inactivity caused by the confinement was slowly driving me bonkers and everything suffered: my mood, my sleep, my optimism, and even my reading habits. From a book per day, I went to not finishing much more than a novella.

It’s not that the books weren’t good, or that I don’t have anything to read. Gosh, over the last two weeks, I think that I bought over 20 novels (some were freebies and the rest was discounted, worry not). And that’s without counting the books currently on Kindle Unlimited that I have to read before they go.

No. I was, plain and simply, in a good old-fashioned reading slump.

Maybe it was because the weather was dire. After all, it was cold and cloudy, and we even had snow! Maybe it was also because the inactivity was getting at me. Likely it was a combination of both, plus the stress which comes with the fact that my financial situation is uncertain. Not good for the mood. And (gentlemen, go to the next paragraph) I am starting this phase of a woman’s life called perimenopause. And I will say it: that last part does not help the mood at all!

Hence the not feeling like reading part.

However, last night I started to sleep with the window open rather than with the fan (and to heck with the noises from outside). Better still, today was, despite the stupid snow, bright and sunny… and warmer! So much so that the silly white crap melted, the sidewalks dried, and I could open my windows a little to air the house.

Since then? Since then, I have been reading almost non stop. I finally got my reading mojo back! Thanks to Mother Nature for that! Good news is: the weather should be nice for the next few days, too, so more open windows, more sunshine… and more reading! Although my neglected housecleaning will also get in there. With an audio book.

I hope that you’re all hanging in there, and are safe, healthy, and in good spirits. And your loved ones (humans and pets alike) are, too. Stay safe, stay kind and, most of all, stay home! And read.

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