Tips to save and still read

Times are rough for everyone right now, with most of us forced to stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic and everything temporarily closing, including libraries and, in many parts, even bookstores.

What can a reader do in those times?

If you have a TBR pile that you have been adding to for quite some time, you are definitely set for a while. There is also, of course, the possibility to reread beloved books or series.

Then again, there are other alternatives to the closed libraries and bookshops, especially when the eBook system of your public library is overloaded with demands and books are less available.

Kindle Unlimited

Of course, the first alternative I am thinking of is Kindle Unlimited, of which I spoke at great length a few days ago. As I said, then, it is just like Netflix, but for books, so it requires a subscription. However, except if you’re from the Quebec province (like me), the first month is completely free.

All the best reasons to give it a try, especially since a lot of great authors do put their books on KU.

Authors I recommend with books currently on KU

  • J.K. Rowling: Yes, all the Harry Potter books are on KU!
  • Michelle M. Pillow: The list of her books on Kindle Unlimited is here.
  • Mandy M. Roth: You can view the list of her books currently on KU here and there are quite a few of them!
  • K.F. Breene: Most of her books are on KU. For instance, that is how I read the whole Darkness series over the Christmas holidays.
  • Shannon Mayer: The vast majority of her books are on KU, including her collaborations.
  • Deanna Chase: Some of her series, including her PWF book, are currently on KU, but you better have a look on the Amazon site to know which ones. I can tell about the Jade Calhoun series, since I am reading it with great gusto.
  • Robyn Peterman: For a limited time, some of her series, including Shift Happens and Hot Damned, but also her PWF book, Magical Midlife Madness are currently on Kindle Unlimited.

Have a look on the Kindle Unlimited page to find out more and start your trial if you feel like it!

Free and discount eBooks

I said it: I’m more of an eBook person now, for budget purposes, among many reasons.


One of the sites in which I found a lot of great deals is BookBub, which offers a variety of books, either free or on sale. The great part of it is that when you subscribe, you get to choose your preferred vendor (Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.), but also follow your favourite authors and get notified when they have promotions. Plus, you can select the genres you like best. Everything is tailored to your preferences!

Warning: You will end up with a lot of interesting freebies and add to your TBR (e)pile very quickly!

The Fab13

The Fab13, the instigators of the Paranormal Women’s Fiction books, have made a list of some of their books or novellas, which are currently free. Big thanks to Mandy M. Roth for compiling the list for the PWF Facebook page!

A fantastic way to get to know those great authors.

I’m hoping that those suggestions will help you stay at home better. After all, binge watching series is fun, but binge reading is even better! (All right, I’m biased.)

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