Reader’s Life – Reset = Hell!

Don’t say it. I know I’ve been pretty quiet over the last week and I will not apologise for it. I’ve been continuing my reading of the Hot Damned series, of which I am currently (as of 19 April at 5 PM) in the ninth book out of 13. Nothing much to say about it, except that I am laughing quite a lot which, in the current circumstances, is more than necessary. Oh! And that I love Satan, aka Uncle Fucker.

Then there has been the reset from Hell at the start of last week. Yes, I had to reset my Kindle. I knew it would come to that when I started not receiving my pre-orders. Apparently, it had a lot to do with the new ISP (Internet Service Provider), which I changed at the end of December.

I was telling myself that simply not receiving a book I pre-ordered was not much of an issue. However, last weekend, I started not receiving anything I purchased (I had bought two Jana DeLeon novels, which I had to manually download afterwards) or borrowed on Kindle Unlimited (namely the Hot Damned books). So I had to do the inevitable: reset the Kindle.

And it was HELL.

The problem is not the act of resetting

I ended up having all sorts of issues after the reset. In fact, the problem is not the act of resetting in itself, which takes only a few minutes; it is what comes afterwards!

Who knew that it would take a full 24 hours to have all the books come back into my device? At first, some purchases I made would appear without covers. So I contacted Amazon, again, and the guy suggested I reset again.

I did. I shouldn’t have.

Hence, I rebuilt all my collections, downloaded many books so that they would appear on my device, and so on. Hours of work.

It is only on the day after that I realised that the books had not finished downloading, which is why some appeared without covers at first. It really took 24 hours for all of my books to come back.

Then there were the freebies

Then came the fact that all the books I had gotten as freebies, either via promotions or because I had won them, did obviously not follow the reset.

Bummer, yes, but at the same time, not really, since I ended up encouraging some writers I really like by, simply, purchasing the books. Some were on discount, some not. I didn’t mind. Encouraging beloved writers is a good thing.

However, I will know for next time: I will backup my device better when I get books via BookFunnel.

Now all is well that ends well. My device is fully functioning, the downloads, whether I make them online or in the device itself, appear neatly and with covers. The only test that the reset version of my Paperwhite has not had, yet, is that of the pre-orders, which will happen in the course of the coming week, when three of them come out.

Plus, I now know that my Kindle contains no less than 300 books (yes, you read right: three hundred books)! That I did not expect. But I am a happy bookworm, reading my way through the quarantine.

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