A week of releases

The coming eight days promise to be an eventful few days, insofar as many of my pre-orders will be released, starting tomorrow (21 April). But first, enjoy the fifth Demigods of San Francisco, K.F. Breene readers! I’m not yet there in that series. I’ll have to give it another go at some point, that much is for sure.

So what am I waiting for over the next eight days?

Tomorrow, the second book of Elizabeth Hunter’s Glimmer Lake series, Semi-Psychic Life is coming out. This will be Val’s story. I know there will be a mystery involved, and I am sincerely hoping that this book will not leave me as shattered as the first did, because Suddenly Psychic really made me cry a lot. It did hit me in the feels.

Then will come a very busy weekend, with new releases from Shannon Mayer on the 24th and Mandy M. Roth on the 25th. Same as Elizabeth Hunter, it will be the second book of their respective Paranormal Women’s Fiction series. To say that I’m looking forward to Midlife Fairy Hunter (Mayer) and Hexing With A Chance Of Tornadoes (Roth) is an understatement. I so loved the first book of each series!

Finally, on the 28th, Michelle M. Pillow’s third Order of Magic book, The Fourth Power, will be released. Heather’s story should be a very good one, as her background is not an easy one and I can only hope that she will find her happily ever after.

Currently rereading

I took a break from the Hot Damned series to reread the first of Shannon Mayer’s Forty Proof book, formerly Grave Magic Bounty, now Midlife Bounty Hunter. For a month after its publication, this book had gone through a major overhaul in terms of cover and title. The story remains the same awesome plot that I devoured within a day upon its release, in February.

This is the first cover and title:

Grave Magic Bounty - Cover

And this is the new one, which is all sorts of incredible!

That reread is the plan for the next 24 to 36 hours. Then, before getting into Elizabeth Hunter’s new book, I have this new to me series to read and review, which I will tell you about in due time, which means before the week is over.

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