Immortal Ops – Military shifters galore!

Paranormal lovers, you are served with a rare treat. On the 10th, Mandy M. Roth (one of my go-to authors) announced that the whole of her Immortal Ops World books that have been published to date (which means all of the I-Ops, PSI-Ops, Immortal Outcasts, Shadow Agents, and Crimson Ops) are, for a limited time (until August), on Kindle Unlimited.

Why is that a treat? Because we are talking about 24 books. You read right: twenty-four, most of them featuring shifters (either born, turned, or made): wolves, felines, rat (yes, rat); some featuring faes, some featuring vampires, all featuring romance. Lots and lots of paranormal!

Reading order

What I like about all those books is that the author gives us a suggested reading order for them (click on the image to have the link, which also links to the individual books):

Not far along… yet

Am I following the suggested reading order? Yes. I have already bought several of the books through various promotions. Still, I have only read the first three so far and if I must say: they are a must.

A world of great magnitude

I’m sure that I said it before, but it bears repeating: Mandy M. Roth is an incredible storyteller. If you read the books from the cover until the end (and you should), she explains how the series came to life, and how long she has worked on the whole world; how it started from a first-person narration to a third-person narration; how the puzzle pieces that are books of a series of this magnitude came to be. Long story short: the Immortal Ops World has been years in the making.

If you don’t yet know, Mandy is a perfectionist, which means that each story is extremely well developed, each character’s personality is complete (thus making them seem extremely lifelike), and everything is set to make each and every book like a real-time movie in the reader’s head.

In other words: you will laugh, you will fear, you will get emotional. In short, you will feel. For me, this is the sign of a universe that will stand the test of time. I might only be three books along, but the I-Ops feel like friends to me and I cannot wait to visit more of them. That is the sign of a great writer.

Why Kindle Unlimited?

Some people complain about that: why Kindle Unlimited? (After all, many are extremely anti-Amazon.) Simple reason, I think: majority rules. Most eBook readers are Amazon readers.

And let’s be honest, here. Neither Mandy nor any author is forced to put their backlist books onto KU. They do it to help us readers in this difficult financial times. They know that the majority of us cannot afford to buy a huge bunch of new books, so they go with the best available system for all: Kindle Unlimited.

However, this is an important note, of which I have written about before: every book put on KU pays the author per page read. For the reader, this means that each book borrowed must be read from the first to the last page. If you like the book, this is the best way to ensure that the author gets paid in full: reading the book, turning the pages, each page, from the cover to the 100% mark.

Of course, hoarding them is not good for the author. That is logical. Hence, if you borrow a book, it is best to read it whenever possible. This way, you get the pleasure of reading a great book, and you ensure that your favourite author receives his or her revenue from it.

Is this the reason why I promote them all? Yes. Because those authors work hard to offer us the best stories, and they don’t have to put their books on KU. They do it for us readers. For me, recommending them on this blog and on my social networks is my way to thank them. I also review the books when I finish them, which we should all do. The reader-author circle. A line, a couple of spoiler free sentences. It doesn’t need to be much.

And hopefully you will enjoy those recommendations of mine!

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  1. I LOVE the Immortal Ops world….and usually treat it as one giant book…..I tend to re-read the whole series when a new one is due out.

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