Qurilixen Lords – Meeting the children

Reading a series until its end, being sad because it's over. This is a huge part of a reader's life. What is fun about it? When the author starts a whole new series with the main characters of the finished series' children as main protagonists! This is exactly what Michelle M. Pillow has started with... Continue Reading →

Hot Damned – A series made for rereads

In this week's WWW, I mentioned that I was then currently rereading Fashionably Dead, the first of the Hot Damned series, by Robyn Peterman. And because of my case of reader's anxiety, I decided to go ahead with the second book of the series, Fashionably Dead Down Under. Rereading this book, even more than rereading... Continue Reading →

Dr Charlotte Stone – My first Charlie

There are two Charlies (Charleys) in my life. Mentioning the first one to a friend, again, led to my getting to know the other, and both became book friends. Both can see ghosts, although one is a psychiatrist who can see the ghosts of the recently, violently departed, whereas the other is the Grim Reaper.... Continue Reading →

Immortal Ops – Military shifters galore!

Paranormal lovers, you are served with a rare treat. On the 10th, Mandy M. Roth (one of my go-to authors) announced that the whole of her Immortal Ops World books that have been published to date (which means all of the I-Ops, PSI-Ops, Immortal Outcasts, Shadow Agents, and Crimson Ops) are, for a limited time... Continue Reading →

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