Brewing Trouble – Worthy jump over the cliff

When I finished reading Writing Wrongs at the beginning of March, I asked not to be pushed over the cliff that Christine Gael left us hanging on. Three months later (three and a half after the book had come out), I finally was able to jump over that cliff I had been hanging on, as Gael released the much anticipated second book of her Paranormal Women’s Fiction series, Brewing Trouble.

And gosh, was it worth having waited to jump over that cliff! The truth is that I read the book in the space of yesterday, despite a necessary nap in the afternoon (this reader stays immersed in books until late at night).

The fact that the book is “only” 226 pages long has nothing to do with the little time it took me to read it. Neither does the fact that I am a fast reader. Everything is because Christine Gael’s writing, the action-packed book, the awesome characters, kept me glued to the pages until I was finished. That’s how good Brewing Trouble is.

Note: if you haven’t read Writing Wrongs, stop right there or you’ll have spoilers from that first book.

Their fight isn’t over

Three witches, a typewriter, a cauldron, a time-ticking quest to find a magical object, a fight against a violent organisation, an unexpected ally, a redemption, cryptic messages. This is basically what we are getting with Brewing Trouble. If you noticed, I did not say “cliffhanger”. Because this time, there is none.

In fact, this second book starts a few hours after the end of the first, letting us pick up where the cliffhanger left us, with our four main characters (Cricket, Zoe, Mee-maw, and Patrick) running for their lives and trying to escape the Organization.

What, Patrick? Well, he was in that car, wasn’t he. It does not mean that Cricket has forgiven him for double crossing her. However, it is possible that he has realised certain things when he turned back and went to help save her.

While in hiding, the quartet made a new, and very unexpected, ally, who helps Cricket and Zoe come to grips with their magic. In fact, the title should tell you that Zoe has quite a lot to do in the book’s action.

As for Mee-maw, she is, as she says, “alive and kicking”, and we learn a lot about our favourite conspiracy theory fanatic in the course of the book. In fact, so does she!

What can I say about the book without spoiling, except for what is written above? That the book really is action-packed from start to finish, that there are baked goods, that there is emotion, that there are laughs… and that it solves everything that had been left hanging in the first book.

In other words, there is no cliffhanger, this time; only the open door to what we should expect in the third book. A third book that I can only hope comes really soon, because I can’t wait to see what happens to the quartet and their allies.

A deserved five stars! ✰✰✰✰✰

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