When reading makes me hungry

Sometimes, when I’m reading, I feel a little like Philippa Gordon in Anne of the Island, because the book I am reading simply makes me really, very hungry! Sure, I usually eat Goldfish crackers when I read, but sometimes, well, they just aren’t enough!

There are many books and series that make me hungry, too many to name them all, so here are a few.

Order of Magic – Michelle M. Pillow

I have written about it in my review of the most recent book of this series: CAKE!! Because every single time I read a book from this series, I am craving cake. For that, I blame Heather.

But there isn’t only cake to make me crave food when I read. Tacos are also often mentioned. In the end, I realise that my Goldfish crackers really are not enough!

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

Bannocks, porridge, shortbread, roasted venison, wine, whisky. Great cooks such as Mrs. Fitz, Mrs. Crook, and Mrs. Bug, or Jenny Murray. Recipes galore. I am always hungry when I read Outlander, any of the books!

Thankfully, there are two great cookbooks if you want to make the recipes, be they from the first books, or from the New World.

So long as it is not haggis or black pudding, I should be OK.

Jade Calhoun – Deanna Chase

The idea of this post came with my reading of the sixth Jade Calhoun book, which I started reading a few days ago and which made me realise it had so many good ideas of food that I ended up always being hungry, which made Deanna Chase laugh when I wrote about that in her readers’ group.

But it is true. Be it for Jade’s love of cheesecake or for some typical Southern and Cajun dishes, I simply want to travel to New Orleans first chance I get, or try making some of those recipes myself, even gumbo (so long as it is only shrimp).

Charley Davidson – Darynda Jones

Whoever has read the Charley Davidson series, by Darynda Jones, does not only salivate thinking about Reyes, but also about his cooking!

Tacos, huevos rancheros, chili verde, breakfast burritos, they are a feast for the imagination, and not only because they are cooked by one of the hottest characters ever created!

In fact, the food makes the readers so hungry that many of us would kill for a Reyes Farrow cookbook… with recipes to eat while drinking a mocha latte, of course!

Special mentions

Other books have, at times, created a few food cravings in me… even for something that doesn’t really exist.

Something that doesn’t really exist? Yes. The Qurilixen blue bread in Michelle M. Pillow’s books! Or the Dragon queen’s cookies, of which I would love the secret recipe! As for the blue bread, I will try milk bread with blue food colouring in the dough to see if it would be similar to what I think and imagine when reading the books.

In Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes, Mandy M. Roth mentions a typically Southern feast cooked by Jeffrey’s mother, including corn bread and many other delicacies, which only served to make my mouth water!

Last but not least: Astrid’s black raspberry chip ice cream in Robyn Peterman’s Hot Damned series. Well, there is also the whole chips and spicy salsa, the cakes, the cheese, anything that Mother Nature doesn’t cook, which ends up making me hungry.

And now, I will indulge in a few delicacies that don’t include Goldfish crackers for a moment. Even writing this post made me hungry!

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