The Fourth Power – All about the cake

No, my most recent read was not a cookbook. In fact, it was Michelle M. Pillow’s third Order Of Magic PWF novel, The Fourth Power, which tells Heather’s story. (You can read my reviews of Lorna‘s and Vivien‘s stories by following the links.)

What’s the deal with the cake, then? Simple: Heather loves cake and it is often mentioned in her conversations with others, like in the first book, which, of course, had made me montage this gem of a quote:

It is, thus, only fitting that one of the things that remained in my mind when I read Heather’s story was her comments about… cake!

First, she made me crave cupcakes:

Then came what she told Martin, with which I wholeheartedly agree:

It is also impossible not to agree with her, there, when she talks about “fancy cake”, and every cake lover will understand what she means!

There is also a certain baking incident in the book, which made me howl with laughter, and Lorna’s constant baking. In short, every time I read an Order Of Magic book, I’m hungry. I will be ready for the fourth book’s release, in the fall: I’ll have cake on hand.

An emotional story

Trêve de plaisanteries, there is a whole story beyond the cake in The Fourth Power. Although I have to say that just like a very good cake, Heather Harrison’s story is multi layered, tasteful, will bring many smiles to your face, and even make you weep. No such thing as “fancy cake”, there, as Michelle M. Pillow went all in, from Heather’s divorce to ten years later (i.e. now), shortly following Vivien’s story.

Where is the trio at, now? For one part, Lorna and William, and Vivien and Troy, are still very happy couples, and Heather is still not ready to get involved with anyone. But can she put this aside and act on her attraction to Martin, one of the contractors she has hired to work on her new property? After all, he is a construction worker and the epitome of tall, scruffy, and sexy!

However, despite Lorna and Viv’s will, Heather does not want to give in and call on her dead son to try and give her the closure that they think she would need to move on with her life, a life which has been on pause for a whole decade following the tragic accident that had cost Trav’s life when he was only 10 years old.

It doesn’t help that she seems to see him in the reflection of a car window, making her meet January, Martin’s own 10-year-old daughter. It brought her ever-present pain very close to the surface, but it also made her see that Jan is a special child: just like Heather, she can see and talk to ghosts.

All of this is the start of an emotional ride, not only for Heather, but also for the reader. Do have tissues on hand. You will need them.

Relatable characters

What I like best about books in general is when they offer me a chance to relate to the characters. I’ll be honest: if I can’t relate, in one way or another, to the main female character of a book, it ends up DNF (did not finish).

No such thing with Michelle’s books, especially with that series, which features middle-aged women. I find myself into Lorna’s altruism, Vivien’s devil-may-care attitude, and Heather’s sweet tooth. Among other things.

Then there is Grandma Julia, or just Julia, or whatever she likes to be called depending of which Julia appears to talk with the trio. Although I admit that 1920’s Julia is hilarious and is the one I like best!

I am looking forward to meeting the new lady who will be introduced to us in The Fifth Sense, which will be released mid-November. Something tells me that we will be in for another amazing adventure!

My Goodreads Review (which is the same on Amazon)

Before the review, I want to thank Michelle for using part of it in one of her readers’ comments promos! I’m very touched.

The Fourth Power by Michelle M. Pillow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was fun, it was sweet, it was emotional… and CAKE!

Somehow, I always end up hungry when I read a book from this series. Did I say cake?

Oh, a review. Right!

The book was fabulous. I was looking very much forward to Heather’s story and Michelle M. Pillow did not disappoint.

But now I’m hungry. Where’s the cake?

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