Jessica Brodie Diaries – Satisfying country romance

After finishing my binge read of K.F. Breene’s Demigods of San Francisco, of which you can read my review here, then reading The Gentle Giant, the English translation of Sebastián Torok’s El Milagro del Potro, a biography of Juan Martín del Potro (complete review to come later), I was supposed to start another series, but the truth was, I needed a break.

For me, a break means one of two things: either a reread or some light reading, usually romance or erotica. In other words, a book that will relax my brain and does not contain a boatload of action to keep me overglued to the pages.

So I picked up a Willow Summers book, thinking that I will read the one and then move on to my next planned read.

Yeah, right.

A trilogy by an author I do like

Who is Willow Summers? None other than Queen Breene. Summers is her pen name for contemporary romance and erotica. The book I picked was Back in the Saddle, the first of the Jessica Brodie Diaries. As the name of the series states, it follows the adventures of Jessica Brodie, a Los Angeles born college graduate who decides to move to Texas and start a new life.

This is where she meets this cowboy: tall, dark, muscled, with deep blue eyes she only wants to get lost in. The attraction seems mutual, but is it really? After all, little does she know that William Davies is from money, something Jess doesn’t have in abundance.

It is in this new life, with Gladis, her elderly landlady, that Jessica tries to find her footing in a whole new world, trying to make new friends and to try not to fall in love with her Apollo.

Then again, when I talk about “not action packed”, this does not mean that there is no drama or no action whatsoever; only that the action is different from romantic thrillers, for instance, or even cozy mystery.

For there is action in the Jessica books: a rodeo, bull riding, a guy who steps way way over the line. That kind of things.

And there is laughter, frustration, hot times, emotion and more emotion, friendships old and new, love and more love, and some family issues. The ingredients are all there to make it a very satisfactory country romance.

Just one book, eh?

I’m still laughing at myself for that one! I said I would read only the one book.

Who was I fooling? I read the whole trilogy in three days. That’s how easy the read was, yes, but also how lovable and relatable the characters and how much I wanted to stay in touch with them until the end of their story.

The Jessica Brodie Diaries is the first series that K.F. Breene completed, and it really does lay the ground for the writing of this prolific author, whose paranormal and urban fantasy books we simply devour. Even in the beginning, her writing was full of sass and snark, and kept you glued to the pages, only in a different way than, say, the Demigods or Darkness.

A nice, satisfying read from beginning to end. The fun part? All the books are available on Kindle Unlimited if you want to try them. Be warned: there are a lot of sexy scenes so if you don’t like those, those books are not for you.

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