Demigods of San Francisco – Phenomenal magic in San Francisco

Two weeks ago, I started binge reading K.F. Breene’s urban fantasy series Demigods of San Francisco. Or so Goodreads tells me with the first book, which I know I finished 10 days ago, but I doubt I read it in four days. I probably let Sin & Chocolate sit there marked as read for a couple of days while I finished something else quickly. Still, at this point, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that I did give this series a second chance when I decided to wait until just about when the last book came out to read them all in one go.

Giving the series a second chance was a terrific decision. I simply wasn’t in a good place when I read the first book the first time around, and it showed in my rating then, which I changed since.

What is the series about?

Demigods of San Francisco follows the story of Alexis Price, or Lexi, a 25-year-old magical living in the San Francisco dual zone (part magic, part non-magic or Chester) with her two teenage wards, Mordecai (a shifter) and Daisy (a Chester), in dire poverty.

During a lunch break, she goes to a store to buy a blanket for the sick young Mordie, but not before making what will become a fateful stop in another store, where she sees the purse. On her way out, taking a shortcut that should not have been used by cars, she nearly gets hit by a dazzling red Ferrari, driven by a man she realised was magic, but did not realise was the son of the San Francisco magical ruler, Demigod Valens. Little did she know that this near accident with Demigod Kieran would change her life from end to end.

Fascinated by her magic, Kieran would not rest until he found out exactly what she is, and then proceeds to not only make her come to grips with her phenomenal powers, but also to woo her and have her for himself in every possible way.

Each book follows their journey through a world of intrigue, secrets, violence, and magic, while they fight their way towards what we may only hope would be a happily ever after.

Well worth the read

Is the series worth the read, or even the binge read? Very much so! Sure, Lexi is amazingly immature, especially at the beginning, and there were many times throughout my reading of the books that I would just read and scream, “Grow the f up, woman!!” in complete annoyance, especially when she was letting her teen wards walk all over her.

However, the loyalty shown by both teens, kids who have had a very difficult time before being (literally) rescued by Lexi’s mother (Mordecai) and Lexi (Daisy), their feeling of being a real family, with Lexi at its head, is something that warms the heart, even though I would have sometimes liked to smack either or both on the back of the head.

You quickly grow attached to this particular, very non-traditional family, but also to Kieran and his Six (gosh, aren’t they fabulous), to Bria, to the powerful spirits loyal to Lexi. You also get very emotional at a certain scene between Kieran and his mother, or when a certain character untimely passes. You laugh, you growl, you get stuck to the pages.

At the end, you’re sad because it’s over.

Because I would’ve taken much more of them all. The good thing is that we might, in the future, have a spin-off series following Daisy. The door was left wide open to new adventures, so we might not miss them for too long. Good thing, too, because there are many things that I would like to know, which I will not write here because they would contain major spoilers.

Overall, I give the series 4.5 stars. You can see the individual rating I gave each of the books, and my review for each one, on my Goodreads profile:

Do I have a favourite? No. I have a “least liked” (Sin & Spirit, which I explain in my review), but no favourite. However, this series is a great, great read and yet more brilliant work by Queen Breene. It is only fitting that those six books back to back were my books 95 to 100 for this year. Big milestone, crowned with a great series.

I can’t ask for anything better at this point (except more chocolate and a meal cooked by Jack and Donovan).

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