Reader’s Life – The halfway mark

Here we (finally) are, with half the year gone and (at last) under our belt. Like everyone, I had great expectations for this 2020 which, in the end, were mostly quashed under the weight of a pandemic. For the most part, but not completely. Because there were books, lots and lots of books. And this here site, of course, which I created in February, and am enjoying writing on, even though I do not do it on a daily basis. I should, but I don’t want to put myself pressure for something that is, first and foremost, fun.

Six months in review

At the start of 2020, I had put myself a challenge to read 100 books. In May, I upped it to 150 books, and in June, seeing that the 100 mark was getting there, I upped it again to 200. Today, 1st of July, I have already read 104 books, with two current reads, several paused, and many more planned.

What do I keep from those first six months of the year? Discovering many new to me authors, like Robyn Peterman, Christine Gael, Jana DeLeon, D.G. Swank, Kristen Painter, and Jason Kasper. Reading more books by Shannon Mayer (as herself or as Emma Dawn), K.F. Breene (as herself of as Willow Summers), and Deanna Chase, and even more by Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth, including their newest releases. There were also new releases by other favourites of mine, Jude Deveraux and Darynda Jones.

It has been a lot of fun, many laughs, quite a few tears, some ugly sobbing, and many new book friends, as well as enjoying several new readers groups that I really, really love (you know who you are!).

A blessing: Kindle Unlimited. Because I will be honest: with the amount of books I have been reading, I would be more than broke without it. So thank you for that, authors!

What’s next?

What’s coming for this reader? To be frank, I can only talk about July.

The plan is to finish the American Mercenary series (Jason Kasper), which I’ve started a couple of days ago, continue my reading of the whole Immortal Ops books (Mandy M. Roth), read the Dragon Lords books (Michelle M. Pillow), finish the Jade Calhoun and Pyper Rayne series (Deanna Chase).

Of course, there will also be new and upcoming releases to read and review in between all that is planned.

In other words, I will be a happy reader for another month, and likely for the rest of the year.

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