Qurilixen Lords – Meeting the children

Reading a series until its end, being sad because it's over. This is a huge part of a reader's life. What is fun about it? When the author starts a whole new series with the main characters of the finished series' children as main protagonists! This is exactly what Michelle M. Pillow has started with... Continue Reading →

Psychic Dreams – Burning conclusion

After having read Semi-Psychic Life, a few weeks ago, I said that my only regret was that I waited so long to read the book (you can see my review here). It is a mistake I did not do with the conclusion of Elizabeth Hunter's first Paranormal Women's Fiction series, Psychic Dreams, which I started... Continue Reading →

The Sandman – Better than good

Since I don't drive, I only listen to audiobooks when I grab my hook and yarn and sit down to crochet. This is the only reason why it took me almost two weeks to listen to The Sandman, the audio version of the epic comics. Otherwise, I would likely have listened to it in one... Continue Reading →

Magical Midlife Dating – Dating woes

Those who have gone the dating app and dating sites road, or who know someone who did, will understand exactly what happens to Jessie in Magical Midlife Dating, the second of K.F. Breene's Paranormal Women's Fiction books. And they will laugh like loons. I know I did. Warning: The review contains language that may offend... Continue Reading →

Opinion – A book is a book

There is this needless and tedious debate every time someone posts a meme about books. Tonight, I saw one that was totally hilarious, saying that "your purse should be big enough to carry a book". I laughed, because I don't need a ginormous purse when I have my Kindle. But of course, there has to... Continue Reading →

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