Cliffhanger vs Hook

We learn something new every day, which makes the cognitive beings that we are more intelligent and/or gives us more culture. To be frank, this is something that I did not know: the difference between a cliffhanger and a hook in a book’s ending.

So thanks to Shannon Mayer, now I know that difference. As she wrote:


Where the central problem of the book is not wrapped up. For example my book Sundered has a massive cliffhanger because it literally stops in the middle of the action as Mara and Bastian have to decide who will live and who will die BUT more than that, the central problem of the book IS NOT SOLVED.


The central problem of the book is wrapped up (say like a mystery, or in Midlife Demon Hunter, Breena’s current job) BUT a NEW PROBLEM is introduced in the last page or so to pull the reader through to the next book in the series. MOST of my books have HOOKS, not cliffhangers.

So her most recent book, Midlife Demon Hunter, which I am currently reading at the time of posting (I don’t know about 1 AM and it’s not yes 7 PM!), ends with a hook and not a cliffhanger.

I stand corrected for all the other times I referred to a major hook as a cliffhanger.

Thank you, Shannon!

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