Character spotlight – There’s something about Austin

I’ve read hundreds, if not (most likely) thousands of books in my 40 years of existence. I’ve “seen” thousands of characters, some good, some bad, some meh. Some have marked me, some I’ve chosen to forget. Right now, I’m rereading K.F. Breene’s Magical Midlife Madness, admittedly because the second book of the series is coming out in a couple of weeks.


In fact, yes, there is a part of me who rereads it because I want to have the book even more fresh in my memory for when Magical Midlife Dating comes out. However, this is not the whole truth.

The whole truth is that I need my Austin Steele fix.

There, I said it!

I’ve read thousands of characters in my life, but very few come close to the polar bear alpha shifter that K.F. Breene created. Please don’t go all “that’s because he’s hot”. Because if it were only for that reason, I wouldn’t say he’s a personal favourite. He would merely be another hot male character in a novel.

No, what makes Austin special is that he does represent a lot of what women are looking for in a man. Yes, he’s got brawn, but most of all, he’s got brains and a heart and he is so well written that all I’d want to do is curl up on his chest and stay there.

He listens when Jessie explains him why a simple alpha gesture could cause her harm, and takes things into consideration when Niamh tells him what’s what. He defends his small town and the people in it with a great fierceness and not necessarily with his fists, or shifting, unless he has to. And when he considers you part of his “pack”, you can be assured that he will protect you.

In other words, he’s what many of us are looking for in a man: brains and heart. And when the world shows me how full of idiots it is, he is the perfect fictional escape. So thanks to Queen Breene for creating such a wonderful, wonderful hero.

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