Character spotlight – That crazy Uncle Raibeart

I’ve read hundreds, if not (most likely) thousands of books in my 40 years of existence. I’ve “seen” thousands of characters, some good, some bad, some meh. Some have marked me, some I’ve chosen to forget. After writing about alpha polar bear shifter Austin Steele, here is another of my favourite characters: Raibeart MacGregor aka Uncle Raibeart.

I’ve said it before: Warlocks MacGregor is one of my favourite series (if it made my list of favourites, it’s also a good hint that it really is) and a complete stroke of genius by Michelle M. Pillow. I do like all of the characters, main or secondary (except the town gossip), but Uncle Raibeart is “it” for me.

Why? Because he is crazy, hilarious, and impossible not to love. What’s not to love when you read something so adorable as this?

Then there is his constant drinking and streaking and how many times the ladies of the manor end up seeing his man bits. Or the naked skating. Or his falling asleep, drunk and naked, in a parking lot.

You get the gist. He’s the comic relief of the series and I love him for that. Plus, he does have the habit of proposing to each and every woman that he meets, which is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

In a sense, I wish he would find his happy ending. But the biggest part of me says, “not too soon, please” because Uncle Raibeart is awesome just as he is: crazy.

Please note that this post’s cover photo has been taken from the Kilted Yogis Facebook page, because from the moment I saw that image, it made me think of the MacGregors, Uncles Raibeart and Fergus in particular.

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