Psychic Dreams – Burning conclusion

After having read Semi-Psychic Life, a few weeks ago, I said that my only regret was that I waited so long to read the book (you can see my review here). It is a mistake I did not do with the conclusion of Elizabeth Hunter’s first Paranormal Women’s Fiction series, Psychic Dreams, which I started reading on publication day. In fact, only Amazon’s silliness (delivering my books at midnight, but West Coast, which is 3 AM for me) and household issues prevented me from reading the whole book on publication day (although I did finish it just one day after, but still).

What the book is about

Third of the Glimmer Lake trilogy, Psychic Dreams, which can be read as a standalone, tells the story of Monica Velasquez, a widow in her mid-forties who lost the love of her life to a heart desease four years prior to the action of the book.

Following a car accident a couple of years before, the mother of four grown children finds herself with new (and sometimes freakish) psychic powers, as do her two best friends. If Robin (Suddenly Psychic) can see and talk to ghosts and Valerie (Semi-Psychic Life) has become psychometric, for Monica, the psychic abilities came in the form of dreams.

However, knowing what is a premonition and what is imagination can be, at times, difficult for her, but when she dreams about the town catching fire, then twice seeing specific places burning down, she decides to call Sully, county sheriff and Val’s boyfriend, to go and see what’s going on. Those “anonymous tips” catch the attention of Gabriel Peralta, the (hot) new fire inspector, for whom she had developed an instant attraction.

Still, danger roams in Glimmer Lake, and the trio of ladies will once again do everything they can, physically and psychically, in order to save their town, this time from complete destruction.

More action and much less talk

What I liked least about Semi-Psychic Life, the overabundance of dialogue, was thankfully cut down in Psychic Dreams, leaving more room to the action, which grabbed my attention from the start, with Monica’s first fire dream.

From then on, it was not completely packed with action, but rather intermingled with her inner dilemma upon meeting Gabe, her interaction with her children (especially Jake, her eldest), and her managing of Russell Manor, interspersed with that sisterhood feeling between the three main characters which makes the PWF genre so special and particular.

Who is responsible for the fires? This is what the trio is trying to find out and, at the same time, try to solve the paranormal mystery which seems embedded in a historical event that happened in Grimmer, the town that was flooded when they built the dam which gave Glimmer Lake it actual lake.

Then there is Gabe, the new fire inspector, who really hits Monica in both feels and body. Meeting him came shortly after yet more conversations with her friends (and her business partner, too), suggesting that she should start dating again. Talk about timing! And her first date with a new man, her first date since her late husband, was all sorts of funny!

Because there is laughter, too. And hope. And life. In fact, Psychic Dreams is the perfect conclusion to a wonderful trilogy, which also opens the door to a new series, whose first book will be released in the fall. A good thing, too, because I will miss Glimmer Lake and its inhabitants.

My verdict

A deserved but bittersweet five stars ✰✰✰✰✰

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