Semi-Psychic Life – When psychic comes in handy

I don’t have many reading regrets, this year. However, I do have one regarding Elizabeth Hunter’s second Glimmer Lake book, Semi-Psychic Life: that I waited so long to read it. I had pre-ordered it the moment it was possible to do so, so I don’t have that as an excuse for reading it a couple of months after its release.

Then why did I wait? Because I was scared. The first book, absolutely fabulous, had left me emotionally shattered, as I wrote in my review back in February. My sensitive soul bled for Robin’s grandmother. Credit to Elizabeth Hunter’s incredible storytelling for that.

Consequently, I was a little afraid that the second one would make my sensitive soul hurt again.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and now I regret having waited.

What’s the book about?

If you read Suddenly Psychic (not necessary, but a good idea to do so), you know that three best friends in their mid-forties, Robin, Valerie, and Monica, developed psychic powers following a car accident, which sent them at the bottom of Glimmer Lake. Robin became able to call, see, and talk to ghosts; Monica started having premonitions; and Valerie had probably the worst “gift” of all: everything she touched enabled her to see parts of the object’s owner’s thoughts and past.

Not useful when you have two teenage boys, like Val does.

Semi-Psychic Life follows Valerie, who tries to juggle her duties as a single mother, her job as a coffee shop owner, and her new-found psychic abilities, which she still has to get used to. Add to that an unreliable ex-husband and her growing feelings for Glimmer Lake’s sheriff, with whom she had a one-night affair, and you’re in for quite a mental mess.

And that is before Josh, her ex-husband, mysteriously disappears, which put the three BFFs together for another impromptu investigation, helped by their new powers.

A brilliant mystery

Why do I regret so much having waited to read the book? Because if the first one made me cry, the second made me laugh, more times than I probably should have. Impossible not to chuckle with poor Valerie finding out that her son has flunked a paper because he preferred making out with the girl who was helping him, or some of the innuendos between Val and Sully (and please don’t talk to me about nuts!!!!).

However, we find out in the course of this mystery-solving book that her power does come in very handy! But if she wants to try and start something with the dashing bearded sheriff, she will have to come clean about her abilities. Is she ready for it? Will he believe her? Accept her?

And where is Josh? Her ex-husband may be completely unreliable, but a thief, he isn’t, and Valerie knows it, as do her friends, her sons, her family.

Again, Elizabeth Hunter wove a powerful and riveting mystery, which leaves the reader glued to the pages until an ending that can’t help but bring a smile to their face.

The only semi-negative note: there’s way too much talk! However, the action compensates for the overflow of dialogue in a fantastic way. And you can’t help but love Jackson, Valerie’s eldest son. He might be a teen in full teen mode, but he’s also so very reliable and amazing in his own way! And young Andy is adorable!

My verdict

I smiled, I laughed, I shivered (and longed for winter). I was glued to the pages, and I repent having waited a couple of months to read this book. I will not make that same mistake when Monica’s story, Psychic Dreams, comes out on the 18th of this month.

A deserved five stars! ✰✰✰✰✰

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