Cover reveal – The Manhattan Job (Jason Kasper)

A nice surprise arrived last week, with the cover reveal of Jason Kasper’s next Spider Heist book, The Manhattan Job. Sure, it is set to come out in July, 2021, but this reveal simply whets our appetite and make us even more excited for the next nine months (!!!!!) to pass by faster so we can delve again into the story of Blair, Stirling, Alec, and Marco… and see what kind of twisted things Jim will come up with in order to thwart the efforts of our favourite team of thieves.

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For now, we don’t know what the book will be about, since there is no blurb or anything related to it, save the title and the cover. Complete mystery and no, I am not complaining. I love going blind, especially when it is a series that I seriously like.

So without further ado, here is the book cover, complete with the same shadows of the team that we see in all the books of the series, this time with Manhattan in the background, as befits the title.

To be frank, it makes me want for July to arrive even more!

A new publisher

Yes, you read right: Jason Kasper has a new publisher, which he announced last month. Now, rather than being an indy published writer, his books will be under the Severn River Publishing label. Fantastic news, no?

Read SRP’s release

What does it mean for the readers? One thing: more books! Why? Because with the new publisher taking care of everything dealing with the marketing, Jason will have more time to do what he likes best, which is writing his books.

Basically, this means that we will be treated to four books a year, rather than one or two. In other words, it is good news for everyone!

I personally can’t be happier than I am for him. He really deserves it, and I am looking much forward to reading a whole bunch of new thrillers!

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