February in review

Goodbye, February, shortest month of the year! Hello, March! Time for March Break, which means that I’ve basically been sleeping and sleeping some more since Friday evening, running late in my new release reads, and so on. And it’s all normal. I will venture to say that I will be myself in about a day or two.

This being said, it was not the length of the month which made me read “only” 10 books, but my increasing state of exhaustion and my having, basically, the focus and attention of a goldfish in a bowl. Then again, 10 books in 28 days is quite a good average, especially since I couldn’t crochet thanks to that bloody tendinitis (thanks to my physiotherapist, I’m now able to start over), so no audio books for me last month. But plenty of good books.

My favourite February reads

With two highly anticipated new releases, it goes without saying that the start of the month was under the sign of the rereads, when I reread the first two of Darynda Jones’s Betwixt and Between books, then finished rereading the last two Leveling Up, by K.F. Breene (I had reread the first – again – at the very end of December). I also reread Jude Deveraux’s Sweet Liar, which I have reviewed (at last!) here, as it was the book club’s reading for the month.

So without further ado, here are my two favourite non rereads for February:

Magical Midlife Love (K.F. Breene)

I loved all the books of this series, which became one of my favourites from the start, a little over a year ago. It goes without saying that the latest enters this I LOVE!!!!! category. In fact, it may very well have become my favourite of the series, perhaps because K.F. Breene is even more comfortable with her characters (with whom she was already very comfortable), or because Jessie and Austin have finally taken the next step (again, that’s not a spoiler for those who read the first three books), or simply because I laughed even more than I did in the first three books (and Heaven knows I laughed a lot with each of them).

However, if this book did one thing (it did many, but let’s pretend), it only cemented Austin Steele’s place as my favourite male character ever.

Read my complete review of the book

Fooled Around and Spelled in Love (Michelle M. Pillow)

In order for her review team to get comfortable with Booksprout, Michelle M. Pillow has opened some of her backlist titles as “ARC” copies. One of the suggested books was Fooled Around and Spelled in Love, part of the Happily Everlasting cozy mystery series. Since I already had the book, but had never read it, I thought that it would be a good excuse to finally get to it. And I don’t regret it one bit. After all, it is the first book featuring Aunt Polly, one of my favourites among Michelle’s characters (because she’s oh, so crazy and hilarious!) and since I apparently read the HE books backwards (I started with Curses and Cupcakes), it gave me a sort of backstory into Anna and Jackson. However, I will reread Curses and Cupcakes over the next few days, if only to refresh my memory with the new information that I now have about Marcy.

My Goodreads review

March on!

How will I attack the month of March? By finishing Beguiled, which was released on 22 February, and which I had received and started on release day. However, I wasn’t due on that day, and became increasingly impatient with the characters and the story, so K.F. Breene’s latest coming out on the day after was a blessing, as was sleep. I restarted it (good thing I was only a quarter through) and I am reviewing my initial thoughts. It is so good! Full review coming as soon as I’m done. (And yet another proof that sometimes, sleeping on it and starting over is a very good thing, especially with a beloved author.)

I had a surprise in my Kindle in the morning, with David Hewson’s latest thriller, The Garden of Angels, which I had forgotten having pre-ordered. You can bet that I will read and review it as soon as I finish my current read. I’ve been a huge fan of Hewson’s books since a friend of mine recommended the Nic Costa series to me, many years ago, and this historical thriller promises to keep me awake for a few nights, if the reviews and comments I’ve seen are any indication.

Anything else in the plans? Duh! I have a few Elizabeth Hunter Elemental stories to read, in order to be ready for the release of Saint’s Passage on the 23rd, then some books that I borrowed on KU that I really need to read.

I will also finish K.F. Breene’s DDVN series, which I had interrupted because I’m listening to them. This should be finished this week, along with the pupil scarves. Yes, there will be a review coming, either in one big part or in three small ones. I will only tease that: Reagan has quickly become my favourite of Breene’s heroines and Penny is hilarious.

So here’s to a new month of reading!

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