Happy World Book Day!

Whole universes entering your mind, whole worlds to discover, thousands of new friends to make (and, maybe, as many book boyfriends or girlfriends), millions of pages opened to your eyes, your brain, your imagination. What’s there not to love about books?

Short Caro answer: nothing. There is nothing not to love about books! Be it in print, electronic, audio, or all of them, they open a world of possibilities to anyone willing, regardless of their preferences. Some like fiction, some like non-fiction. Some prefer hot and steamy romances, others prefer pulse racing thrillers, others crave horror, others still like YA. The list goes on.

And some like a little of everything.

After all, books are the mind’s all-you-can-eat buffet, in which the possibilities are endless, and feasting on a good one will end up leaving you either sated or wanting more of the same, and yet you will come back and again until you feel like you might bloat, but no! You simply take a break and then come back for seconds, or thirds, or thousands. Like a good meal, there is never enough of a good book, is there!

So to all readers, to all authors (thank you!!!), and to all of you who fancy a good story (real or fictitious): happy World Book Day!

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