Fashionably Dead and Demonic (ARC review) – Violently good

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Warning: This review will contain some profanities. I blame Astrid for it.

There is something profoundly good about reading a new book from a favoured author. It is particularly true if the book is guaranteed to make me laugh my silly head off, sometimes even in the public transit. In other words: Robyn Peterman’s Hot Damned series, and all of ther books, really, are in this category. All right, not only upon the first read.

I feel immensely privileged to be part of her review team, otherwise known as Peterman’s Pushers, and to have the chance to review her books and promote them before their release, as is the case with Fashionably Dead and Demonic, the 15th Hot Damned story.

Yes, you read correctly: fifteenth! Fact: it is as hilarious, crazy, smexy, and profane as ever! And includes my favourite Demon, the King of the Underworld himself: Uncle Fucker Satan.

What the book is about

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Fashionably Dead and Demonic

Series: Hot Damned, book 15

Author: Robyn Peterman

Date published: 19 July, 2021

Pages: 280

Synopsis (mine, because the official blurb is too long, but you can still read it on the book’s official page):

What can go wrong when you put a Vampyre and a Demon together? Them being struck by lightning (or doing it to each other, depending), that’s what! Well, that isn’t wrong, but having them fighting for (Anastasia) and against (Levi) their feelings can prove a little catastrophic when they have to pair up in order to save the Vampyre Princess’s Dominion from the beast who had hunted the Demon’s nightmares for centuries. As they say: “Game on.”

Did you say “violent”?

Let’s be real: putting Vampyres and Demons together may lead to some extremely violent moments, especially when those involve a True Immortal and her sister-in-law, who are both prone to blowing things up, among many things. Cue massive fits of laughter, the first ones of many as the reading goes on.

Add to that a trip Down Under with a delightfully unhinged Paris Hilton (who shines bright and full of all kinds of surprises, making me love her even more than I already did), two fashion-impaired Demon weirdos, a trio of cleanliness-deprived Vampyres, and a behemoth sort of villainous foes (see what I did, there?), and you’re in for a craptastically violent and hilarious time!

Blimey, I almost forgot: electrocution optional and it is better to read the whole book in one go after a good snoozerooni.

I love Satan!

It’s not my first Hot Damned review, and those of you who read my previous ones will know that I seriously, really, extremely love Satan, aka Uncle Fucker, and his various, although brief, apparitions in Fashionably Dead and Demonic are no different. In fact, they made me love him even more.

Be it for his love of office supplies (especially if he can pilfer them), his wisdom (not Bill, this time around!), the end of Chapter 24 (an “awww” moment), and his always killing-me-dead “I’m fucking Satan!”, as well as his profound dislike of showing his big heart, there is so much old and new things of him to love!

However, I am sorry, but not publicly. I’m privately sorry.

Keep killing me dead, Uncle Fucker!

Or, to quote Levi, twice rather than once:

He’d earned my disrespectful respect.

But also:

Thank you for being a semi-asshole as opposed to a complete asshole.

I rest my case (because I’m presently laughing like a loon).

One-liner galore

Flying is fabulous!

Undisclosed character, you’ll need to read the book to understand that one

The three quotes that I have put in my previous part are only about a hundredth of the one-liners, and giving more might not only include some massive spoilers, it would also spoil (pun intended) the fun of reading the book.

However, I will say that some of those one-liners had me chuckling for a good 42 seconds. Each. And the references made (Mike Tyson, Jessica Simpson, Jean-Claude Van Damme) might not be fully understood for a younger bunch of readers, but they are bloody hilarious (profane pun intended) to those over 30.

All this to say that I really, really would love to take a trip into Robyn Peterman’s brain!

An emotional dedication

Rarely am I getting immensely emotional before starting the first chapter of a book. However, the dedication of Fashionably Dead and Demonic was, not only for myself, but for my fellow Pushers, a tearful moment.

I will only say this:

Dear Robyn,

I am honoured to be one of those nutters, so thank you for having invited me to become one of your Pushers. I am glad to be one of your nut gals. We might make your writing life more fun, but you also do it for our readers’ lives.

Much love.

My verdict

I laughed, I awwwed, I shuddered (mostly for something I have in common with Levi), I laughed some more. This book was all sorts of fabulous, and I cannot recommend it, and the whole series, enough. I’m looking much forward to the next one!

A demonically violent five stars! ✰✰✰

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