You May Be Write (ARC review) – Controlled chaos

The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out.

Having a whole week of ARCs to read is a pleasure and a privilege. The pleasure is multiplied when the last of them is sure to make me laugh my silly head off. In other words, when the last ARC of the blitz is a Robyn Peterman. Laughter guaranteed! Well, in You May Be Write‘s case, there were also a few tears, several sighs, some squeeing and, maybe, some fright. In other words, it perfectly concluded a perfect reading week.

What the book is about

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You May Be Write

Series: My So-Called Mystical Midlife, book 2

Author: Robyn Peterman

Date published: 23 August, 2021

Pages: 300


No one in their right freaking mind ever said midlife was magical.  

Apparently it is.

Or at least mine is…

Once upon a time there was a paranormal romance author who caught her husband in a compromising position. One divorce later, she’s free and ready to start her new life at forty-two. 



Divorced idiot ex: Check

Saved idiot ex from getting murdered by his new nasty gal pal: Check

Idiot ex accused me of trying to kill him: Umm check

Still seeing my fictional characters: Check 

Teeny tiny crush on my lawyer: Check check

Town under siege by dark forces: Of course

Crazy enough to try and stop it: You bet

With the darkness on the horizon, I need to clear my name and get to work. Forming a Goodness Army is on the top of the list. Shockingly, my army consists of my wacky tabacky smoking aunt, my high school counselor who can shift into a house cat, the town gossip who turns invisible after downing five beers and a few fabulous others with nefarious talents. And of course, a cast of fictional characters…who I created and definitely have an opinion on how I should proceed.

What could possibly go wrong?

I’m going on pure gut instinct at this point, and I can’t wait to see how the plot turns out.

I may be wrong. I may be write. Either way, I’ll just keep turning the pages until I find my happily ever after. 

Chaotically perfect

We wouldn’t even know the extent of how beautiful life could be if it wasn’t juxtaposed with the bad.


There were many quotes I could’ve chosen from to start the review, but this one, somehow, is the one that stood out the most for an introduction. After all, with the way The Write Hook ended, it was only fitting that the battle between light and darkness would be, first and foremost, featured.

My review of The Write Hook

Read the first book and don’t remember how it ends? As usual, Robyn Peterman has you covered, with the first chapter of You May Be Write being most of the last chapter of the previous book. I won’t complain, because I needed that little refresher, too, if only for the details (I remembered the bulk of the action, but needed the specifics). After that recap, the rest is controlled chaos, hilarious and awesome and beautiful and touching and amazingly perfect.

After all, you cannot have a battle between light and darkness, especially when it involves Aunt Flip and the geriatric juju bitches (juju bitches is their expression, not mine!), without heaps of laughter, even more catsup, and some weed! Good thing that they sorted out the meaning of BDSM, too, and without having their boobs to the wind! I did say it was controlled chaos!

However, saying that I love Clementine, Flip, Ann Aramini, Joy Parsley, Sally Dubay, Jess, and Nancy is a huge understatement. They are fantastic ladies! Add Mandy (especially in pitbull lawyer mode), and that is some group of women whose bad side you never want to get on!

Then there is Seth Walters, who really is, more and more, a hero after my own heart (and the reason for my sighs), and the extraordinary child that is his daughter, Cheeto, who really discovers a lot about herself in this second part of Clementine’s adventure.

Finally, the bookish crew of Clementine’s characters is always as great, and Thick Stella really is full of surprises. Although, in her case, I should not have been surprised, because if there is one thing that is constantly adorable, endearing or, plain and simply, wee-your-pants funny in Robyn Peterman’s books, it is the presence of the house pets, and Clementine’s cat is no exception.

Of course, we need the villain crew, comprised of the more unhinged than ever Jinny “Weather Hooker” Jingle, Darren “tiny pecker” Bell, and a bunch of dirty cops, to get a battle royale, one that might be hard for our favourite ladies to extricate themselves from.

Get your crazy on, because you’re in for quite a fun and gripping adventure!

My verdict

The words “the end” were the sexiest words in an author’s vocabulary“, Clementine said, caught quoting Robyn Peterman. Thankfully, this isn’t the end for them just yet, especially after the massive hook we were left with. We will find out what happens to them all in March, 2022, when All The Write Moves will be released (or maybe before that).

Another writefully awesome five stars! ✰✰✰

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