Covert Kill – Carte blanche?

The following review should have been part of my being in the author’s review team. However, with he OK of the author, I was allowed to delay. So call this an IOU to a fantastic author and person and, most importantly, a long overdue review of another great thriller.

What happened to delay this review that much? Life and, as some of you probably know (if not, you can find all the information in this post), I had to overcome a massive anxiety issue. But I am never broken beyond repair, thank the Maker, and Jason has been nice enough to allow this review to come late. Still, I am sincerely sorry that it turns out to be published that late, especially when I read the book before release and had written the required reviews. It’s just the whole blogging that was beyond my energy. Although I confess that I had tried and had even made the post cover for it (which is the one I am using here).

Again, I am sincerely sorry for that long delay.

What the book is about

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Covert Kill

Series: Shadow Strike, book 3

Author: Jason Kasper

Publisher: Severn River Publishing

Date published: 21 December, 2021

Pages: 414


When American citizens in Nigeria are kidnapped and held for ransom, David Rivers and his team of CIA contractors find themselves enveloped in an international firestorm. With a US administration determined to protect American lives, David has the authority to do whatever it takes.

But as David’s team tracks down the mysterious terror cell responsible for the kidnapping, they uncover a conspiracy beyond anything they could have imagined.

And in a race against time to recover the hostages, David and his team must infiltrate the Sambisa Forest, a sprawling Boko Haram stronghold overflowing with enemy soldiers.

Failure is not an option.

Survival is not guaranteed.

Banter, fear, action, and a terrific driver

Is there something that I cannot do without in any Jason Kasper book? Yes. What? The banter between the characters. His books are so action packed that these moments of humour come as a much welcomed reprieve (and retrieval of the breath that I might or might not have been holding), whoever is involved in said banter. Although I could’ve done without Cancer in his tighty whities!

However, reprieve is needed, especially when a book is as action packed as any of Jason’s books are concerned, with all the fear (for the main characters and for the mission) involved and the realism born from the author’s military experience and the personality of each character, who I have, as a reader, started to feel as part of the family.

Add to this scenario another absolutely terrific driver and we’re in for another book that is absolutely difficult to put down, despite its length!

Carte blanche?

Who says “carte blanche” means exactly that: carte blanche. Duchess is tired of the political situation back in the US and she decided to go all in in order for the team to really get rid of their target. despite the hostage situation.

What does this mean for David Rivers and his team? A lot of imagination and ingenuity in every possible way. And a lot of bated breath for the readers!

I really mean it when I say that these books are action packed to the brim. (And I am not complaining because I seriously love that from this series – or any of Jason’s, as a matter of fact!)

Follow the money

As for anything involving terrorists, be it Boko Haram, Russian mafia, or anything, the best way to figure out who the head is is to follow the money. And this means that it is not over for Rivers and his band of merry mercenaries.

We were left with a small hook, for sure, but nothing to worry about, as the next book, Narco Assassins, which will not come out in September (but way before that date), will take us into Colombia’s jungles and will, likely, keep us glued to the pages once more, much to our pleasure! Even more pleasure? Jason Kasper has confirmed that Shadow Strike is currently slated for ten books (yes, you read correctly: ten whole books!).

My verdict

I cannot say again that this was Jason Kasper’s best book to date, but I will say it nonetheless: it is Jason Kasper’s best book to date. His books have always been good, great even, but the experience he has garnered over the last few years and books shows in even more tuned skills and an unparalleled flair for action and its balance with giving us a few moments to breathe before the next drop of action.

A belated, but no less deserved, five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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