Every week is romance week

It is Valentine's Day and all week, there have been posts in many a blog and on many a Twitter account (be it Goodreads, Kindle, publishers, etc.) stating that it was "Romance week" because of today, something I completely disagree with. Now, before you call me a "Valentine's Grinch", let me remind you that I... Continue Reading →

Opinion – A book is a book

There is this needless and tedious debate every time someone posts a meme about books. Tonight, I saw one that was totally hilarious, saying that "your purse should be big enough to carry a book". I laughed, because I don't need a ginormous purse when I have my Kindle. But of course, there has to... Continue Reading →

PSA – Be mindful of piracy

The current times, with the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine/confinement, are difficult on most people, in more ways than one, including (and importantly) financially. Many lost their job, others (like me) are on temporary unemployment. This also includes a lot of authors. Not everyone has the chance of a J.K. Rowling, a Nora Roberts, a Diana... Continue Reading →

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