Opinion – A book is a book

There is this needless and tedious debate every time someone posts a meme about books. Tonight, I saw one that was totally hilarious, saying that “your purse should be big enough to carry a book”. I laughed, because I don’t need a ginormous purse when I have my Kindle. But of course, there has to be those who just start (forgive my language) bitching about those like me who “are not pure and don’t read paper books”.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: purists, get the heck over it! E-books are here to stay! And you know what? The e-readers are light and can contain a lot of books, on top of saving us readers a lot of money. I don’t like thrift books because I prefer a new one, and new books are… well… expensive.

But you still know what? I READ! And that’s the bottom line.

I don’t care if you read a paper book, an eBook, or listen to an audio book. What I do care about and what matters is that you read.

End of the story.

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