Reader’s Life – Semi break

Don’t blame me too much. I know I’m quiet on the blogging front. It’s not that what I read isn’t good, all the contrary! It’s only that of Hot Damned and Jade Calhoun, I’ve already written. I am at the sixth book of both series, of which I alternate two and two (two Jade, two Damned).

However, I am taking a semi reading break, today, insofar that I am not starting any new book. I will most definitely read, but I will either continue my reread of Love Potions or listen to one of the few audiobooks that I have started.

Why is that, you may ask.

For a very simple reason: when I know that a book I pre-ordered comes out on the morrow, it would be a huge bummer to start a new book, knowing that I will not finish it before the book I pre-ordered arrives in my Kindle.

In this case, the book I am expectantly awaiting is the first of Darynda Jones’ new series, A Bad Day For Sunshine. And yes, it comes out tomorrow!

Am I excited? You betcha!

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