Love Potions (and the Warlocks MacGregor Series) – A reread? A reread!

I have all the time in the world for the next two weeks, since the schools are closed. And I have a huge TBR (e)pile. So what do I do?

I reread!

Don’t ask. I just felt like rereading some of the Warlocks MacGregor books. After all, I am an avid rereader (seriously) and those books are, simply, fantastic. Plus, I not only need the comfort of those books (like a warm blanket), I need the laughs they give me. So what better than one of my favourite series?

Magickal and mischievous men in kilts

Warlocks MacGregor (Michelle M. Pillow) is a series of seven books (soon to be eight), each following the story of one member of the MacGregor family:

  • Erik (Love Potions)
  • Iain (Spellbound)
  • Fergus (Stirring Up Trouble)
  • Malina (Cauldrons & Confessions)
  • Niall (Spirits & Spells)
  • Euann (Kisses & Curses)
  • Kenneth (Magick & Mischief)
  • Rory (A Dash Of Destiny – coming this fall)

Each book can be read independently, but I don’t recommend it, because some jokes start in Love Potions and continue throughout each of the books. And that includes Uncle Raibeart. I joke a lot about him, but he is definitely one of my favourites, for his quirks and his craziness… and his constantly proposing to each woman he meets. He is awesome.

Yes, I do feel like those warlocks are part of my family, in a sense. My book family, that is. All the credit to Michelle M. Pillow for writing a series that is so vivid, lively, and compelling.

And what’s not to love? There is magic(k), there are warlocks, there are laughs, there is an amazing family… and there are kilts! Whether you read them in eBook or paperback, or listen to them (Michael Ferraiuolo’s narration is amazing and gives a whole other dimension to the stories, like putting a melody to a certain song…), you will have hours of fun.

However, if you don’t like sexy times in a book, even when they serve the book’s purpose, this series is one you should skip. Because the books are quite sexy!

Currently on promotion

If you want to start the read, Love Potions, the first book of the series, is currently free for a limited time, in its eBook version. Check out Michelle’s site for the list of vendors.

Happy reading and don’t keep out of mischief!

A montage I could not resist making. I’ll take the lot!

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