Midlife Demon Hunter – Many answers and new questions (and Robert)

Yesterday, I spent the whole day, and part of the night, reading Shannon Mayer’s newest release: Midlife Demon Hunter, the third Forty Proof book, her Paranormal Women’s Fiction series. Considering that I finished reading the book at 2 AM, there was no way I could write this at that time, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t like the book, because I, plain and simply, loved it. But I was tired (who can blame me).

The story starts not too long after the second book left us, with Breena living in her Gran’s house courtesy of Crash, having a crush on both him and Corb (her ex-husband’s black sheep of a cousin), and having recently discovered that she is a quarter fae. Add to that that she was fired from the Hollows, that Suzy quit, and that they, along with Feish, Eric, and Kinkly, started their own business.

It is this business that will drive Breena in her new “adventure” (for lack of a better word): a contract to protect an important object for a goblin.

But we know Breena: trouble follows wherever she goes and this time is no different. From finding out who helped her ex rob her of everything to meeting with the Supernatural Council, to the Crash/Corb/Breena triangle, to a surprising death, to some dark presence in the house next door, everything goes and once started, it is difficult to put the book down.

And there’s Robert, probably the most loyal and honest of all the men in her life, despite his being a skeleton. The more books there are, the more I love him! I lost count of how many times he has saved Bree, in one way or another, and all he asks… is whiskey! In short: I need a Robert.

We also find out what kind of supernatural Corb is (which may come as a surprise for most), but also a part of his backstory which left Breena (and me and my vivid imagination by extension) fanning herself.

One of the funniest moments of the book? Jinx, the spider shifter jester, and how she reads. Her obsession for copy editing is quite comical, too.

Is there some romance? Of course! With Breena torn between two men, both of whom attractive and making her feel things she had never felt before, but both of whom having broken her trust more than once, what does she have left? Well, a rather hot moment! Not saying more.

December can’t come fast enough

However, Shannon Mayer left us off, again, with new questions and a hook of epic proportions! A hook, not a cliffhanger. But it was a big one, or a few big ones, which will make the wait for Midlife Ghost Hunter even bigger.

Can it be December, already, so we can know what happens?

My rating: full marks! ✰✰✰✰

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