Thoughts: why I don’t mind waiting for books

Sometimes, OK, often, something said on an author’s forum or group can spark thoughts in my mind and I feel compelled to write about them and lay them out. Not as if my mind ever stops, but just a wee trigger and boom! I start writing.

In this case, it’s an author who asked if she should publish all of a series in short intervals followed by a long break for her to write her next series rather than a few months apart between each book. For the record: I like it the way she does it because contrary to the authors with big publishing houses, an indie published one usually has much more than one book coming out every year.

Some readers prefer to wait until the whole series is out to binge read. And as fun as it is to do that, I personally prefer the way most authors do: one at a time at their own rhythm.

Why? Because books are my harem. I am not exclusive to just the one author, which means that if all of the author’s books come out at once, I will end up binge reading and thus not read anyone else for the time it would take me, be it a week, a fortnight, a month, or more.

Side note: I still don’t get how some readers read only the one author. Because books are wonderful treasures and the authors are the craftspeople making those treasures come true. Each have their brand, their style, their mark. I can’t be with just one author. I have to read as many as I can!

Back on track. Waiting for a book in a specific series to come out, for me, is like waiting for your next date: the anticipation builds, you question everything, wonder what will happen next with the characters. It could take weeks, it could take months, but you anticipate it with excitement. Then the book comes and you’re happy again, until the next wait, or you’re heartbroken because it’s the end of the series.

So I don’t mind waiting for my “next date”, because I know it will come sooner rather than later. I will never (or almost never) be the “give it all to me now” type. But I will be the give it all to me within the book: emotions, hooks or cliffhangers, laughter, tears, desire. Everything. Then I’ll wait for the next time the author gives it all to me with the next one, until the series is over and I will end up all sorts of sad because it is over.

All this to say, dear authors: stick to your style. That’s why I love you and your books.

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