Hot Damned – A series made for rereads

In this week’s WWW, I mentioned that I was then currently rereading Fashionably Dead, the first of the Hot Damned series, by Robyn Peterman. And because of my case of reader’s anxiety, I decided to go ahead with the second book of the series, Fashionably Dead Down Under.

Rereading this book, even more than rereading the first one, made me realise that this series, like most of what’s written by Robyn, is made for rereads.

This doesn’t mean that the books aren’t good the first time around, all the contrary! It simply means that they are so good that you must reread them at some point, and that when you do, you get some surprises, especially if you read the whole series prior to the reread, and more so if you are one of those readers who remembers everything they read.

With the first read, you get lost in the action, the discovery, the laughs, the emotions, the characters. However, reading those books for the second time, I see that Robyn has dropped little nuggets of information which a first-time reader will not see, and how some things that happened books later were carefully planned.

Some kind of belated Easter eggs for the rereaders.

For instance, some parts of the second book visibly hint at what will happen in the 13th one. It is something you will definitely not realise until you read the whole series, but because it’s in the details, you don’t realise it until you reread the series. In other words: it’s very subtle, but it’s there.

A series visibly made for the rereaders. It takes a heck of an author to do that. The fun part? The whole series is available on Kindle Unlimited for your first read or the subsequent ones!

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