Magical Midlife Dating – K.F. Breene whets our appetite

A week before her new book, Magical Midlife Dating, hits the shelves (or our ereaders), K.F. Breene has decided to spoil her readers by offering the first three chapters of her latest Paranormal Women’s Fiction book, much to our delight.

Read the excerpt

Talk about whetting the readers’ appetite! Three chapters, lots of laughs, more Mr. Tom and Niamh banter… and Jessie going on a date.


Yes, a date, as the newly magical has decided that it was time for her to get into the dating pool again, and joined a dating site.

That seriously makes me curious and has me a little very baffled, especially since her date is not Austin Steele, but that she does meet said date in the bear shifter’s bar.

But the excerpt stops before that first date’s entrance, and leaves me hoping that Jessie will see the light… or the bright blue eyes of O’Briens’ uncrowned alpha.

Regardless, and despite the fact that I will read the book the moment it is released, I will not tell if she will act upon her visible attraction to our favourite bar owner.

Magical Midlife Dating comes out on 11th August, and to say that I can’t wait is an understatement!

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