Witchin’ Impossible – Laughter, magic, and flying squirrels

I said it on Wednesday: this is my week for long overdue readings. After devouring Elizabeth Hunter’s Semi-Psychic Life (you can read my review here), I happily entered into the world of Renee George, with the first Witchin’ Impossible book, of the same title. And gosh, did I laugh!

About the book

Witchin’ Impossible tells the story of Hazel Kinsey, an FBI agent who comes back to her hometown of Paradise Falls with Tizzy, her flying squirrel familiar.

She had sworn never to set foot into Paradise Falls again, but what did she know? After all, if a lot of bad had happened to her in the past, she had also fled her major girlhood crush, Ford Baylor, but she couldn’t leave her best friend alone in a moment of need.

There she endeavours to find out what happened to Lily’s brother, who had died in a gruesome and mysterious way, and gets to work with Ford in uncovering the truth, when two other mysterious and just as gruesome deaths happen.

Laughter, mystery, and surprises

I always pick up that kind of books when I’m in need of laughter, and Witchin’ Impossible did not disappoint. From the first few pages, I had a smile on my face and laughed so hard at Tizzy’s spunk and sass that it made it impossible to put down the book until I finished it.

I don’t regret it one bit. You come for the laughs, and you stay for the compelling mystery the failed witch turned FBI agent tries to uncover, get attached to Haze and Lily, fall in lust with bear shifter Ford, develop a profound dislike for Police Chief Nichols and for the underhanded council, and end up with a major surprise!

It was, all in all, a nice and funny one-day read, which only makes me want to read more of Hazel’s adventures in Paradise Falls!

A satisfying five stars! ✰✰✰✰✰

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