Reader’s Life – When all you need is a laugh (or several)

Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, and I’m not necessarily talking about the pandemic, although it does have a big influence on everything, at present. However, the part of life I’m thinking of, right now, it my anxiety disorder, which is playing havoc with my brain, my habits, my reading, everything. That silly thing called perimenopause doesn’t help, either.

With all this messing up my brain, I’m trying hard to finish that David Rivers book I started three days ago, and which should be finished by now. Ha! I’m not even a fifth through because my mind wants to read it, but my head is completely in shambles. Damned anxiety, I swear!

So what’s a reader to do? She gets the laughs and opts for books that will make her laugh and forget the shambles.

Apparently, this also came with four “buy now with one click” instances on Amazon. Four? Yes. The four Magic & Mayhem books I was still missing to complete my reading in time for the release of the new one of the series. I needed to know what’s happening to Zelda, and Mac, and Fabio, and Baba every name she’s given (Yaga is the correct one), and Sassy, and Jeeves, and Roger the porn loving rabbit shifter, and everyone, really.

Because let’s face it, Robyn Peterman has become one of my go-to authors since I started reading her books, back in January. I wrote it in several of my reviews of her books: she has a flair for comedy (and when you get to watch her live videos and see her and her husband, Steve Zahn, together, you know it’s a real-life thing), but also mixes the laughs with drama, mystery, and emotion to perfection. Moreover, her characters might well be supernaturals, but they feel as real as real can be for fictional people.

Right now, I seriously need the laughs, and not having finished one of her series is an added bonus and very worth my spending a little more than expected on books for this month.

Then again, if you want to delve into that specific series, the first book, Switching Hour, is currently free everywhere in its eBook version. And believe me, you will laugh. (Warning: if you don’t like sexy times in a book, don’t think about reading them, because they are not for you. I said it before: Robyn writes probably the steamiest sex scenes of all the authors I read, with Darynda Jones a close second.)

If you want to try your hand at more of her series, the whole of the Sea Shenanigans (which I’ve reviewed here), Hot Damned (of which you can have a review of the series here, but individual books are also among my reviews), and Shift Happens series are currently on Kindle Unlimited, as well as her Paranormal Women’s Fiction books, Good to the Last Death.

Yes, that’s a lot of laughs, and a lot of life. I cannot recommend those books enough, especially when you need that escape from everything going on in your life, or just to fight yet another anxiety crisis.

Other series to read when you need to laugh

Robyn’s books are not the only ones I read when I need to laugh. I have spoken at great length about Michelle M. Pillow’s Warlocks MacGregor, which is one of my favourite series and also count on the always crazy and lovable Uncle Raibeart.

There is also Darynda Jones’s Charley Davidson, which are gripping and hilarious and super hot books.

Finally, I cannot not mention K.F. Breene’s Leveling Up books, of which the second is coming out in a couple of days at the time of writing this and count on one of my favourite main male characters, Austin Steele.

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