The Elemental Mysteries – An utter and complete must

First of all, I cannot apologise for not posting as much and as often as I did over the last few months. Work does take up most of my time (as it should) and I’m having so much fun teaching my first-graders that nobody can fault me for reading a little (or a lot) less than I normally do. But read I do, and despite having needed three weeks to do so, I did read the complete Elemental Mysteries, by Elizabeth Hunter, which I finished yesterday. Yes, I needed a full day to completely digest it.

Why? Because it was that good!

First of a threesome of series, The Elemental Mysteries is, first and foremost, the story of Beatrice de Novo and Giovanni Vecchio, spanning their story from the early 2000’s to about 2012.

If the series does contain a lot of action, this is, first and foremost, an epic love story between a 500-year-old vampire and an American librarian. A story which can be summed up with this wonderful (and spoiler free) quote:

Who wouldn’t want such a deep and powerful love as that uniting Beatrice and Gio?

More than a love story

If B’s and Gio’s love story is one of the focal points of the series, it is not the only one, as the story is deeply layered and comprises a lot of intrigue, be it political (in the vampire world), historical, and even mythological.

This is without counting the immense battle scenes, some of which able to make my stomach churn a little because of their graphic realism and vivid descriptions, which are a major strength of Elizabeth Hunter’s writing.

You can feel the power of the elements, smell them, hurt with the characters, just as though you were present wherever the action is taking place, be it in the United States, Chile, China, or Italy, to name only a few locations.

The reader also gets attached to the characters, from B and Gio to Isadora, Caspar, Carwin, Tenzin, Ben, Dez, Matt, and many more, and to loathe the villains the same way the main characters do.

The vivid descriptions and extremely well researched and developed story will end up keeping you completely enthralled, to the point where you completely forget that there is such a thing as a real world surrounding you, and it will leave you with no other wish than to continue living into those immortals’ stories further and further.

An omnibus? A real bargain!

If the story revolves a lot around books, the series in itself can be read in separate ones. However, I highly recommend getting the omnibus, which contains all four books in their electronic version.

At only $8, it is a real bargain for entering a whole new world and forgetting the one we live in.

It is very, very worth it, as for me, this is an absolute must-read series by an absolutely fantastic author.

Without surprise, a much deserved five stars, although I would give more if I could! ✰✰✰✰✰

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