Ink – We all need an Ox

With all the work I am swamped in, what with planning lessons and teaching full time, I am not supposed to have time to read a full novel in two days during the week. Yet, this is exactly what I did with Elizabeth Hunter’s Ink, a standalone contemporary romance. Because it was that good! Fine, my brain does need books to sort of shut down, especially when I put a lot of hours at and into my work, but reading a full novel in two days in those circumstances is mainly credit to how good the writing and the story are.

What is Ink about? About INK, of course.

INK (yes, all in caps) is the shop that Emmie Elliot opens with Miles Oxford, or Ox, on the premises of her late grandmother’s bookshop, in downtown Metlin. She who had sworn that she would never go back to live in the small town where she grew up. However, when she saw the shop, she thought she could revive it, especially when she realises how much the town had changed in the time she was gone. But how can she make it profitable?

Enters Ox, a tattoo artist who was looking for a place to work at, and to whom Emmie offers to share the space with her. But can the through and through book girl resist the charms of the tall, dark, and charming tattoo artist? And can he keep his word not to come on to her?

Quiet, casual, steamy romance

One thing to say about Elizabeth Hunter’s writing is that, when it comes to romance, she is all for the slow burn, much to the readers’ delight. And Ink is no different.

Yes, the attraction between Emmie and Ox is very visible, as is the chemistry, but she has her principles and he has his own personal issues to work through, and everything is depicted in a very relatable way. It is difficult for this bookworm not to relate to Emmie, who epitomises the insecurities known to many an intellectual introvert.

Same as it is impossible not to fall head over heels for Ox, who is as charming as he is trustworthy, on top of being a total hottie! In fact, reading this book made me realise that we all need an Ox in our lives, or someone like him.

Their story is a close-to-life romance, filled with anticipation, frustrations, steam (and more steam), and a bunch of great secondary characters whom we would want to hang out with. Yes, even the extremely outspoken Tayla!

Don’t look for action, for there is none, hence the “casual” qualification I am giving the book. However, the story is one that, once started, it is impossible to put down until the end.

My verdict

I loved loved loved this story so much! And since, despite being a standalone, Ink is part of a series (7th and Main), I will definitely read the other two books, which tell the stories of four other characters that we meet in this one: Tayla, Jeremy, Melissa, and Cary.

The good thing? The whole series is currently available on Kindle Unlimited!

A heartwarming five stars! ✰✰✰✰✰

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