Stealing Time – Bittersweet conclusion

When Christine Gael announced that Stealing Time, the last of her Crow’s Feet Coven trilogy, was mere days from releasing, I hurried to pre-order it, because I was dying to know how this Paranormal Women’s Fiction series would end. Little did I expect that I would end up winning a copy of the book. (Thanks again, Christine!)

I started it the moment I was home to download it and read it rapidly. The relative lateness of this review is due to both world events and a massive migraine crisis, not because I didn’t like the book.

Because I loved it! I was looking forward to Mee-maw’s part of the story so much! And I was not disappointed.

What the book is about

Stealing Time picks up right where Brewing Trouble left us. Consequently, this review might contain spoilers from the first two books, so if you intend to keep spoiler free in order to read the whole series (which I strongly recommend – the series, that is, the other part is totally up to you), I suggest that you skip to the next part of this post.

My review of Writing Wrongs

My review of Brewing Trouble

Still recovering from the injuries she sustained when fighting Finneas and the Organization, Cricket Hawthorn is hiding, along with Mee-maw and Patrick, back at Zoe’s house, as the quartet, with the help of Trudy, is trying to find a way to defeat Verbena once and for all.

However, in order to succeed before something dire happens to them and their loved ones, they need to get Mee-maw to have her item working. Can they do it in time to save themselves and everyone they care about?

Action-packed to its bittersweet end

From a surprising arrest to a final battle which kept me on the edge of my seat, Stealing Time is loaded with action, but also with emotion. Don’t get me started on Mitch Rasmusson the piece of rotten junk or on Phil the clueless idiot, or I will end up spoiling things! So let’s keep it at “piece of rotten junk” and “clueless idiot”.

Laden with magic, both good and dark, the book is a roller-coaster of action, culminating into a battle for the survival of Cricket and her loved ones, all the way to a bittersweet finale that had me tearing up a little more than I should. (Hey, I don’t like endings, so that’s that.)

We also get to meet Patrick’s mother and learn more about Verbena’s past and what made her become what she is, with much emotion.

All in all, it was the perfect end to a great trilogy.

My verdict

The Crow’s Feet Coven was my first foray into Christine Gael’s writing, and I can assure you that it won’t be the last! If you’re curious about the series, you can read it all on Kindle Unlimited.

A more than deserved five stars! ✰✰✰

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