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The following review is part of my being in the author’s review team, which ensures that you can read it before the book comes out or, in this case, on release day.

Are you seeing a custom artwork? Yes, you are! But that’s because when it comes to Qurilixen, I have a pre-made psd file for both dragons and cats, so I only need to put the book cover on it, which doesn’t require my shoulder to move overmuch. And also that I am, slowly, getting better, although it is a two to three-month recovery. However, thanks to the authors and their assistants, I have images that I can use for my post covers while still recovering from my accident.

Yes, you read correctly, if the cover image hadn’t already clued you in: we’re back on Qurilixen and I cannot be happier! I love those shifters so, so much!

What the book is about

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Fire Prince

Series: Qurilixen Lords, book 4

Author: Michelle M. Pillow

Date published: 26 April, 2022

Pages: 241


Charming a dragon prince might be her people’s only hope. Too bad the handsome shifter can’t be trusted.

As an ambassador for the dragon-shifter monarchy, Prince Kane is well aware of his responsibilities. The shifters might have expelled the evil Federation from their planet and freed their alien prisoners, but they’re left with chaos and opposing factions threatening civil war.

This is not the time for Kane to be thinking about romance, especially with Nova, a daredevil leader who rattles his calm and tempts his inner fire. The rousing woman’s ideas go against everything he and his people are trying to accomplish.

Before a virus wiped out their home planet and they relocated to Shelter City, Nova’s mother had been a revolutionary leader. It’s a role Nova has inherited. If outside threats weren’t enough, age-old conflicts are fracturing her people during a time they need to band together. Unfortunately, they’re isolated and greatly outnumbered, and everything she holds dear is on the line.

Charming a dragon prince might be her people’s only hope. Too bad the handsome shifter can’t be trusted.

The one that got me angry

It might seem like a Friends episode title, but no, it’s the feeling that I got while reading some parts of Fire Prince, which is a total compliment to the author because I really, really got angry, so much so that I wanted to slam my Kindle through the window.

Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that the Cysgodian faction leaders were so totally brainwashed by the Federation that I couldn’t help but getting extremely angry.

As in fuming.

Visibly, my anger abated and I continued reading because I did finish the book within 24 hours. It only was that one scene that p***ed me off.

Again, all the credit goes to Michelle M. Pillow for writing in a way that can make me feel that way.

Learning to live, learning to love

Like the vast majority of the Cysgodians living in Shelter City, Nova has lived through unimaginable horrors, watching countless people dying from the virus that forced them to flee and take refuge on Qurilixen.

Now that the city is free of the Federation’s claws, she, like the other inhabitants of the city, must learn to live again without having to check over their shoulder in case the Federation is set to take them away from the city and into their fortress. However, after decades of fear, it is difficult to trust those who, in the Cysgodians’ eyes, haven’t batted an eyelash when seeing the cruelty of the Federation towards the refugees. Another thing they must learn: nothing is as it seems.

For Kane, the learning is completely other, as he fell hard for Nova from the moment he saw her, something that he had never lived before. Having lost his mating crystal in the battle to free Shelter City from the Federation, the dragon shifter must learn to trust his instincts and, ultimately, to love.

Two different perspectives having to try to fight their attraction for each other.

Fate is as fate goes

When it comes to the Draig, mating is fated and decided by a crystal, which glows when they meet their mate. For the Var, it is a little harder, but fate comes through in the end.

Sometimes fate has some funny ways to show itself, but don’t deny it.

My verdict

Hot, gripping, emotional. This book really has it all to make us want even more and, I confess, await Payton’s story with great happy anticipation. Don’t be fooled by the date, for I don’t think we will have to wait a year until Her Lawless Prince comes out (because Payton has a mind of her own).

A sometimes angsty but always hot five stars!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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