The Fourth Power – All about the cake

No, my most recent read was not a cookbook. In fact, it was Michelle M. Pillow's third Order Of Magic PWF novel, The Fourth Power, which tells Heather's story. (You can read my reviews of Lorna's and Vivien's stories by following the links.) What's the deal with the cake, then? Simple: Heather loves cake and... Continue Reading →

A week of releases

The coming eight days promise to be an eventful few days, insofar as many of my pre-orders will be released, starting tomorrow (21 April). But first, enjoy the fifth Demigods of San Francisco, K.F. Breene readers! I'm not yet there in that series. I'll have to give it another go at some point, that much... Continue Reading →

Suddenly Psychic – A first ARC

Upon my reading of the Fab13's books, I've also had the chace to do my first ARC review ever. What a book this was! It so happened that Elizabeth Hunter's team was looking for people to read and review an advance reading copy (ARC) of Suddenly Psychic. I signed up and ended up being one... Continue Reading →

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