Summer reads suggestions

Summer is here, Corona is still here, so we have to be cautious still. Thank the Maker for books! And there are very many to delight us, readers, for the next two months! The fun part? All of the suggestions below are currently on Kindle Unlimited!

My current read

What am I currently reading? A military thriller. As I have, I think, mentioned before, I wanted to read the first series written by Jason Kasper, whose first Spider Heist book I have reviewed here.

So I started reading the American Mercenary series last week and Jason was correct in warning me that it’s a tough one. The first book, that is, which is his first published novel. However, I seriously loved it. Sure, it takes some time for the action to really kick in, but when it does, there’s no putting the book down! You can see my Goodreads review of Greatest Enemy here.

Which means I am now currently reading the second book and I really, really like David Rivers. A complicated main character after my own heart. Plus, I know Jason knows what he’s writing about, him being a veteran and a fervent BASE jumper, which makes his books even more realistic.

In other words: a must.

Then again, I will pause on David Rivers after this one, so I can read The Sky Thieves, the second Spider Heist book, which comes out in a couple of weeks, so that you can have a full review the moment the book comes out (and I mean that literally).

A new K.F. Breene release

Just this morning, surprise and joy upon receiving K.F. Breene’s newsletter, as she announced the release of One More Step, an anthology which contains a DDVN world short story. Considering that I have not yet read that series, I bought it for when I get there, but the book, as all of her published works, is currently on Kindle Unlimited.

Furthermore, to my absolute delight, she also announced that her second Leveling Up book, Magical Midlife Dating, will come out a week earlier, on 11 August. Cue my happy dancing because I seriously want my Austin Steele fix! And my laughs with the geriatric team, of course.

Temporary promotion

Cozy mystery lovers, Kristen Painter has got you served!

For a limited time, her complete Jayne Frost series is available on Kindle Unlimited. Yes, the whole seven books and a short story, all for your enjoyment!

Still available on Kindle Unlimited

Need more different books? Love paranormal, urban fantasy, and rom com? There are even more books by some of my favourite authors currently on Kindle Unlimited.

Michelle M. Pillow Summer Reading Challenge

For over a month now, Michelle M. Pillow has her Summer 2020 Kindle Unlimited Reading Challenge going on. This means that 50 (you read well, fifty) of her back list books are currently on the Amazon borrowing platform.

From the (Un)Lucky Valley cozy mysteries to all of her currently published Qurilixen World books, including my favourite Cat Shifters, to the Divinity Warriors series (also SciFi romance), to the amazing Tribes of the Vampire dark urban fantasy books, to the Call of the Lycan super sexy short novels. There really is a lot for everyone!

Immortal Ops World

Mandy M. Roth’s Immortal Ops World books are still all available on Kindle Unlimited until the end of this month. Overall, we are talking about 25 paranormal romance books, full of action, involving special military supernatural teams.

Several other of her back list books are also currently on Kindle Unlimited, including several of my favourites, like Tempting Fate and the Druids series.

Lots of rom com!

Finally, Robyn Peterman has added more books to her Kindle Unlimited roster.

Now, on top of the excellent Hot Damned series (those extremely fashionable vampires, and Satan, and everything), the Shift Happens books, and her PWF series, Good to the Last Death, the whole of the Sea Shenanigans series (the series that has me singing a certain Monty Python song) is available on KU.

All the more reasons to laugh yourself silly to a lot of happily ever afters!

In short, you have no excuse not to cozy up with your eReader for the summer, no matter the genre you prefer! Just don’t forget to read the books until the 100% mark and to leave a constructive review when you’re finished!

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