Clearing the reading pile

What's a girl to do when she's just started a much needed and no less deserved two weeks off? She's clearing up her "currently reading" pile, of course! And I admit that is why I haven't finished Michelle M. Pillow's newest release (sorry!!!!). In fact, I have started it just this evening, while having supper,... Continue Reading →

Some Christmas favourites, part 1

Are you the type of reader who has books for every festive holiday? I know some who need specific books for Halloween, summer, and, most importantly, Christmas. I personally don't have either of the first two (although I admit that it is difficult for me to read about winter in the summer), but when it... Continue Reading →

Bewitched – Literally

It took seven long months to know the whys and whethers of what Ruthie had done, which concluded Betwixt, the first of Darynda Jones's Betwixt and Between series. A long time, you will say, and I will definitely agree, because I was dying to know what happens to Defiance and the gang. When Bewitched came... Continue Reading →

Ink – We all need an Ox

With all the work I am swamped in, what with planning lessons and teaching full time, I am not supposed to have time to read a full novel in two days during the week. Yet, this is exactly what I did with Elizabeth Hunter's Ink, a standalone contemporary romance. Because it was that good! Fine,... Continue Reading →

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